Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

Ancillaries, Material Handling Equipments, SS Furniture & Air Handling Units

Blister Pack Machines  

EPI MINI, EPI 1000, EPI 2000, EP 500XT & EPI 3010 PDA

Set Of Change Parts
Blister Forming Roller, Counter Sealing Roller, Feeding Channel, Guide Track, Punch Tool With Embossing, PSR Assembly For PRC

Recommended Spares
Sealing Heater Assembly, Contact Heater Assembly, Main D.C. Drive, Temperature Controller, Vibrator Controller, Product Level Controller,  Infeed Motor Controller, Infeed Motor

Form Fill and Seal Machines 

Roller draw System

FFS (Mechanical)

Cup Filler ( Pneumatic )

Horizontal Flow Wrap(STD)

Multihead Weigh Filler 4 Head


Belt Draw

FFS (Mechanical)

Cup Filler(Pneumatic )

FFS (Mechanical) Without Hopper

Automatic Clutch/Break Auger Filler

Multihead Weigh Filler 4 Head

Weigh Filler With FFS (10 Head)

Automatic Servo Auger Filler

Gravity Feeder Pneumatic

Other Machineries

Strip Packing Machine 

De-Blistering Machine

Web Sealer With Shrink Wrapping System

Shrink Wrap Machines 

Labelling Machines

Laboratory Equipments

Dry / Wet Bulb Hygrometers

Water Bath

Vernier Caliper 

Distilled  Water Unit


pH Meter

Vortex Mixer

Muffle Furnace

Magnetic Stirrer

Melting  Point Apparatus

Thermometer - Mercury Type

Stability Humidity Chambers

Colony Counter Digital


IPQC Inst: Micrometer 

Clean Glass Apparatus Drier

Flame Photometer

Heating Mantles

Ultrasonic Bath

Vacuum Oven

Hot Plate

Digital Conductivity Meter 

Weight Box

Bursting Strength Apparatus

UV Cabinet


Griffin Flask Shaker

Leak Test Apparatus


Hardness Tester


Antibiotic Zone Reader  

Stop Watch SS 304

Karl Fisher

Oven  Mechanical Convention

Bulk Density Apparatus

BOD Incubator

Dissolution Test Apparatus

Bacteriological Incubator

Melting  Point Apparatus


Disintegration Test Apparatus

Stirrer Water Bath With Electric Digital Temperature Controller

Autoclave Steam Sterilizer - Fully Automatic Vertical Double Wall

Sieve Analyzer Particle Size Distribution - RO Tap Sieve Shaker

IPQC Instrument:  Friability Test Equipment

Laboratory Glasswares


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